By law (Federal and Provincial legislation) no professional or institution, governmental or private, can disclose your personal information.

There are only 3 conditions that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. These include:

  • If you state that you are going to hurt yourself (suicidal ideation) or someone else (homicidal ideation);
  • If children are at risk;
  • If the court subpoenas your file/chart/records

When you engage in counselling/therapy it is important for the counsellor/therapist to have some personal information documented. Such as:

  • Your full name
  • The best phone number to reach you
  • Your address
  • Your family doctor’s name and phone number
  • Your emergency contact’s name and phone number

In my practice, I ask for basic personal information as well as gather a personal history that includes the areas of concern; other therapy and treatment experiences; and the goals of therapy we mutually agree to work on in treatment.

As therapy progresses, I will also document the presenting concern for each session; and the evidence-based treatment we have to agree to utilize to address the concern. Evidence-based treatments are those treatments for personal problems and mental health issues that have been researched and found to be the best way to help people. Treatment modalities are discussed, both the benefits and liabilities, before we begin therapy.

Based on my professional Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice, ACSW Standards of Practice Bill 21 Implementation (; BCCSW Code of Ethics & Standards (; CATA Standards of Practice (Canadian Art Therapy Association), I am responsible for the information documented in your file for 10 years from the last time of meeting with you. After this period the file is confidentially destroyed. Destroying your file implies ensuring it no longer exists.

Should you want to release some of your file information to a third party I will review with you what specifically you want to release and to whom. Then you and I will sign a release of information and the information forwarded. Only the information documented in the release of information will be forwarded. This also applies to phone conversations. Verbal consent may be attained in the situation of telephone discussions with third parties such as doctors, physician specialists, or other professionals.

Should you want to review your file, I require 72 hours notice. You can review your file in my office with me present to answer any questions.

If you have any specific questions, please contact me so that we can discuss them further.


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