Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving creative expression through visual art-making such as painting, drawing, sculpting and collage. And is an opportunity to express in images what is difficult to put into words.

About Art Therapy

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques to help people express themselves artistically and then to examine the psychological and emotional undertones in the art. With the guidance of a qualified art therapist, the individual can begin to explore and understand their unique nonverbal expressions, messages, symbols and metaphors expressed in the art. Through this creative and expressive process, clients learn to better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours so they can move on to resolve deeper issues.

Art therapy works on a deep level bypassing the “verbal” sensor in our cerebral cortex (frontal lobe) where we communicate with language, analyze, assess, make assumptions, read, comprehend, and “think”. When we create art in a safe, non-judgmental and therapeutic context we can access our deeper, wiser, and intuitive selves. Current brain research has confirmed what art therapists have known – that creative expression accesses intuition, creativity, performance, personality and the ability to see things holistically – the “right side” of the brain. In fact, the grandfathers of psychology, Freud and Jung, both suggested that if people could draw their dreams they would be able to better understand their meaning.

Who is it for?

Art therapy does not require artistic ability, but rather the willingness to use art materials. It is useful for anyone willing to engage in art-making including children, youth, adults, and seniors and is particularly helpful to people struggling with mental health issues, disabilities, or chronic illness.

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